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Robin Sparda RN,BSN,CDP,iRNPA

Founding Member of the Massachusetts Health Care Advocates, Boston Business Women Member,

 Registered Nurse, Certified Dementia Practitioner

Independent RN Patient Advocate

We help families and their loved ones navigate the health care system because at times it can be quite challenging. It is during these times that having an Advocate by your side gives a person peace of mind and is an extra set of eyes and ears listening and keeping track of small details. We accompany our clients to medical appointments and also, assist our clients during hospitalizations. We come prepared to address our clients concerns, and collaborate with the client and their medical team. We educate our clients on their health conditions, medical recommendations as advised by their medical team, therefore, allowing our clients the ability to make an informed decision for their own healthcare journey. Communication between all involved assists the client in having peace of mind in knowing their questions and concerns have been addressed with their medical team.

What We Do

Health Education

Team approach to your healthcare issues, ensuring open and clear communication between the client and their medical team. Discuss and create an individualized plan based on the client's medical team recommendations and the client's goals for their healthcare journey. We empower our clients to take ownership in their medical care. Our patient advocates assist in the translation of the often confusing medical jargon into information our clients can use and understand to make an informed decision in their healthcare treatment.

Patient Advocacy

Our team is specialized in helping people learn how to become their own advocates. We assist in having your questions and concerns addressed at medical appointments and/or during hospitalizations. We ease our clients worries, resolve their concerns and provide peace of mind.

Empowering our Clients

 Our goal is to set you up for success. We want our clients to be Informed, be Empowered and be Prepared

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Being prepared before the healthcare crisis occurs is one of the most important steps to take to ensure the best outcome in any healthcare issue. Being knowledgeable and educated on one's health conditions and having a patient advocate by your side is important in the dynamics of the healthcare system today. Drop us a line today, and we can get you started on the path to learning what a patient advocate does and how they can assist you or a loved one.

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